Mediterranean Forests In Transition (MEDIT)

In MEDIT we have deployed a network of forest plots where measurements of environmental, forest structural and functional properties are made, along a wide geographic gradient in Greece. This paper describes the long-term growth patterns of the dominant tree species in MEDIT plots. An integration of such type of measurements with individual-based models of forest dynamics can be found here. A series of new analyses and simulations will soon be available. This was a project funded with a fellowship from the General Secretariat for Research and Technology in Greece (PE10(927)).



During INTRABASIS we developed the TFS model, an innovative simulator of forest dynamics. TFS integrates various field measurements, including tree size and functional traits distributions to initialize and simulate forest stand dynamics. A detailed description of TFS can be found here (with algorithms description here). This was a project funded  by an Intra-European Research Fellowship (Project ID: 236936). Currently TFS is used by various research groups with applications at Tropical and Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems. For example we collaborate with with Oxford’s University Ecosystems Group to integrate a uniquely rich dataset of intensively monitored forest plots measurements with TFS, aiming to understand forest productivity across the world’s Tropical regions and the vulnerability of these ecosystems to global change.


Ecosystem Monitoring and Modelling

With colleagues and students from the Biodiversity Conservation Lab,  we are  monitoring and modelling ecosystem processes including:

C-Fluxes in Mediterranean Forests

In six long-term measurements forest plots, we are monitoring on a monthly time scale the major ecosystem C-fluxes. Currently the plot-network consists of four Pinus brutia and two Pinus nigra dominated forest stands, on the island of Lesvos. Measurements include tree growth, photosynthesis, litter-fall, litter decomposition, soil respiration etc.


Grazing effects on biodiversity

We are running a long-term field campaign aiming to quantify the effects of grazing on biodiversity. Up to now, we have measured and analysed diversity and functional diversity metrics in forty (40) plots of varying grazing intensity.


If you are interested to collaborate with our group, please contact me.


Other Projects

Here are some projects I have been involved with:

  • QUERCC: Quantifying Ecosystems Role in the Carbon Cycle
  • RAINFOR: Amazon Forest Inventory Network
  • FUME: Forest fire under climate, social and economic changes
  • GEM: Global Ecosystems Monitoring Network